genuine tantric massage

What is genuine tantric massage?

Genuine tantric massage therapy basically refers to a tantric massage done in the correct way which follows all the principles of tantra teachings which originated from India many years ago. The whole process of tantra has of course evolved greatly over the years but the main fundamentals and concepts remain unchanged. There are many different massage parlours in London who offer these services but we do ensure that we do offer a genuine tantra service to our clients.

What does this involve?

A authentic tantra experience involves one of goddess awakening the 7 energy center’s located in the spinal area of the body. These are commonly referred to as chakra’s in tantric speak and this is where your goddess systematically and sensually releases the energy stored here to allow energy to flow freely throughout the body.

The Benefits

Will autnetnic tantric therapy you will experience many benefits, which range from increased sexual pleasure to learning to achieve peace in body, mind and sprit. Some of the main benefits are outlined below:

Tantric Breathing – Your goddess will carefully and slowly guide you through the process of tantric breathing. Learning to control breathing in such a way can help clients to control their sexual pleasure which allows them to prolong their sexual encounters and can work wonders for people that suffer from psychological problems like premature ejaculation and also a lack of interest in sex.

Intimacy – Just like the sensual massage service, clients will find the tantric experience is one that is very erotic and sensual. Learning about tantric massage properly can give couples a much deeper understanding of each other’s needs and this can also help to turn around some relationship issues and also leads to improved communication between couples.

Sexual Pleasure – Most people that have been taught tantra massage by qualified goddesses will generally tell you that they have brought their sexual understanding and pleasure to a whole new level through practicing the true art of tantra!

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