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Looking for an unique way to relax your tense muscles? Do you want to feel re-energized and rejuvenated? Then you won’t go wrong when you choose to have a body to body (b2b) massage. Its other massage forms include the nuru massage and the soapy massage.

Sexy B2B Touch Therapy

There are many types of tantric massage that you can choose from. Since the modernisation of tantra in the late seventies many different styles have been developed in order to maximise the enjoyment of all those who wish to indulge in such massage techniques. Each form has been tailored to suit a wide range of different kinks and desires to satisfy all those who take part in tantric massage. One of the most loved and utilised forms of tantric massage is of course the body to body massage that we specialised in here at our parlour.

The body to body massage is based on touch therapy, which says that a woman’s touch and intimacy will provide you with the best feeling of satisfaction and relaxation. If you have not experienced any kind of tantric massage before this is the perfect place to start and we can guarantee that you will be coming back for more. In this massage type, the masseuse will use parts of her body, such as breasts, knees and buttocks in kneading and massaging your entire body. The therapist’s warm breath and the feel of her flexible body will make a blissful experience. The close contact and intimacy will make your muscular system and your energy bands to rejuvenate. There is nothing better than the feeling of a beautiful woman using her entire body to caress and relax you while you melt away beneath her sensual touch. This service however requires the masseuses to be highly trained in the art of massaging, ones who know to use techniques that will make you feel sensual and our masseuses perfectly fit the bill. We ensure that all of our lovely staff are trained implicitly and are up to date with all of the techniques that are ever changing in the tantric massage industry. However, if you want to experience it in reality, you need to come to our massage parlour.

The pleasure that you will be provided with cannot be easily achieved through other massage forms. This is part of the reason why our clients continue to utilise our parlour over the traditional massage parlours that are prevalent throughout London, even though traditional massage has been established for hundreds of years. Your chosen therapist will use every part of their body to give you an experience so intense; starting with pleasure and ending explosively. You will be left shaking with delight and wanting to experience more. Body to body massage is a very sensual experience. Our group of charming and beautiful masseuses practice different forms of b2b massages, which include lingam massage, Japanese Nuru, soapy and sensual tantric massage. With so many forms to choose from we understand that it can be a little overwhelming at first but if you take the time to speak with our staff before booking they can certainly help narrow down the choices so that you find the perfect fit for your first ever experience with tantric massage. We find that each of our respected clients have their own specific sets of wants and desires and through a brief conversation with our knowledgable staff you will be able to ensure that your primary visit is one that you will never forget. Once you join us on your first visit we have no doubt that you will be rushing to book your next appointment before walking out of the door having reached a whole new level of relaxation and contentment. If you want to double the pleasure, then you can book four hands massage, which we also call two body treatment. You simply need to call us to make a booking and we assure you that you won’t regret it.

We can assure you that our tantric massage services are incomparable to any other parlour available in the London area. We boast the best team of lovely goddesses that will tend to your every need and desire in order to make sure that you have an unforgettable experience at the hands of our amazing staff. You may contact us during business hours via phone or even come in and see us in the parlour in order to discuss our plethora of options and book your next appointment, whether you choose our incall or outcall services. We are also available to contact through email if you would prefer so there is no excuse to hold off any longer! We look forward to seeing you soon in the parlour for what may be your first ever tantric massage, although we can rest assured that it certainly

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