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For any of our clients or prospective clients that are not entirely familiar with the service called ‘lingam massage’ then we will briefly explain here about what it is. The lingam is another word in tantra for the male genitals and then form of massage essentially becomes the worship of this part of the anatomy. You will also hear this referred to sometimes with a slightly different spelling of ‘lingham’ and more commonly known as the ‘wand of light’ in tantra speak.

In a similar vein to most other tantra practices surprisingly enough an orgasm is not actually the main intention of this therapy, although many wouldn’t argue that it has the effect of being quite a welcome bonus of this tantra style massage.

This is like many other services that are available at Tantric Moment quite a sensual massage and ideal for those clients that are very interested in Tantric massage teachings or those that are avid followers of this therapy. The masseuses at Tantric Moment have all got various tantric qualifications and something they have studies in some cases for many years so if you are worries whether you will receive a genuine tantra experience, then you need not be as this is exactly what you will receive.

Achieving perfect harmony between the body, mind and spirit is the ultimate goal of the services we offer and this is no different for the lingam massage in London. Your masseuse will always make a great effort to ensure that you are comfortable and no apprehensive for the session and you can always talk freely to her about your needs for the session and in many cases each session is bespoke depending on the clients preferences and needs for the massage

Candles, soft music and a very clean and luxury apartment help to set the mood and from here you will be take to seventh heaven by your qualified and sexy tantric masseuses. You can opt to take your lingam massage with us in City of London or we are also more than happy to visit our clients wherever you maybe in London (home or hotel suite) or even sometimes for airport hotels.

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